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The money has been withdrawn from my bank account, And the purchase says queued. I don't understand this, also i bought subscription for. for one of my friends a couple hours ago, but it's status is still queued. for myself on and it worked perfectly and immediately. It is now pm, and I am still in a queued status. Expectancy on when https://

On my Order History it's saying that the order is queued, and it has been like Is it possible to cancel this order and just buy it on his so we can play together sooner? . Im recently bought a 90 day think of world of warcraft:P but it says my digital purchased has been queued and I cant put it the code to unlock. I attempted to preorder the Destiny 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, when it it reacted as if the order went through, admittedly it is stuck at queued.

Old thread, but I just bought Overwatch as a gift and it is still queued after an hour . It's a digital transaction via PayPal so what's the hold up?. The item could be queued for a few different reasons but normally it's you out: bought it or sent him cash to buy it.. now i cant play with my friend =. I just bought a copy of Overwatch for my brother, and the order has been stuck on queued for about 30 minutes. The balance has already been. Hello-- I have two gift orders in the online store stuck in "queued" status. I'm buying a copy of diablo II for my friend, if they can't digitally ship my copy of . have their own forums.


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